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Winter Fashion Trends In London


It’s summer, so we should be talking about winter fashion trends! Jokes aside, we should really be talking about them. It’s not like you are going to wear anything winterish tomorrow, but it is good to be prepared two seasons before you want to put up your best look. This might sound a bit silly, but why would we want to do such a thing? You will see that it is more than ideal to prepare two seasons before because you also have the time to manage your finances properly. It’s a little trick that you learn by being in the business for a longer while. You basically end up in winter without any clothes that you might like. Your old things are too old, you are not aware of the trends that are ascending right now and you did not even plan a budget for what you want to buy.


So how do you react? Emotionally. You buy everything you like without particularly knowing why you are buying them, but you buy them anyway. Then you find yourself mid-December with a few clothes that you do not really like, less money and a feeling of frustration. What will you do? Shop again. No. That’s not the way you should do it. The best way for you is to be prepared. We are not saying that you should start shopping for winter now (although that might not be a bad idea either), but you should definitely know what’s going to hit the market this season. We have a few couture suggestions that really had great impact this year. Now, bear in mind that these are couture pieces. They are not really accessible and they might not be the sort of things you think you’d look at. But if you decide to give them a shot you will at least have the inspiration required to shop properly. You do not need a ton of money to look good.



The Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition

Woman-admires-the-sunsetAlberta Ferretti had an extraordinary performance this year, bringing both autumn and winter collections that will leave you breathless. The collection mainly played with a few different colors: black, white, metallic, green, blue and light brown. It does not sound like anything spectacular in the beginning, but if you think about the order in which the colors were arranged and how length and ease varied, you will understand why this collection is pure genius. Everything starts with breezy, white dresses that are very easy and comfortable. With every color comes a different length, culminating with the dark, long dresses made for winter. The contrast is perfect: white for summer and dark for winter and you can also see that the way in which colors are arranged represent the autumn’s stages. At first, everything is metallic because all life in nature perishes, light brown is the moment after all leaves have fallen, leaving a gold leaf carpet on the ground, dark green is the approach of winter and black is the death of all nature. But this is where the actual fun begins: it is only an interpretation. It’s how we feel that this collection best describes the transition from summer to winter. You can also feel free to adopt your own interpretation. It’s just that the length and ease of each dress seems to be related more to how cold it is outside rather than a philosophical approach. Nonetheless, the Alberta Ferretti is definitely a collection worth checking out. If you want some good inspiration for this winter, you will find it here. Don’t forget that this is a limited edition! These things might cost a ton of money. This is why you should look for something more accessible if you are shopping on a budget.  



Atelier Versace

Woman-is-climbing Versace came in very strong this year. It’s not just the clothes that were gorgeous, but the models as well. Think of all the popular models that you know right now and there might be a solid chance that they were in the Versace catwalk: Taylor Hill, Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk and many others. Donatella wanted the spotlight and she did everything in her power to make the winter collection look good. The result: flawless. Versace really upped their game this year by a long shot. You know that the usual perception is that a fashion house jumps from the 1.0 version to the 2.0 one year after another. Well, Versace jumped from 1.0 to 3.0 this time. It was more than just an update, it was a new definition of class and grace. Some say that this couture was for the more demure woman and we have to say… they are quite right about that. This winter collection is somewhere in between kinky sexy and pure elegance. It actually poses an issue: you don’t know for which one to aim for. And what is even more frustrating is that the kinky sexy style is attractive not for erotic reasons, but because it looks so good! It’s frustrating, really. But this is also why it is so fascinating to behold. Off-shoulder dresses, opera coats, flirty pink shades, high heels with a ribbon on them, there are so many things that we love it’s practically impossible to find a flaw in this collection. But why is it for winter? Well, it has a ton of functionalities for the perfect Christmas night: the right colors, a formal feel for a party, but an informal one at the same time, very elegant, but a little bit naughty and all of these dresses are ideal for taking off when the night is over. You give them all a thought. We can wish you a Merry Christmas already, huh?  



Other Collections You Might Want to Consider

Woman-has-black-shoesAlberta Ferretti and Versace dresses are a total breeze compared to the Chanel collection. This one is full-on heat mode with extremely formal designs and triangular shapes. We are also talking about trapeze jackets, embellished inserts, it’s as though everything was sculptural. It’s very interesting, if you think about it. Considering that winter is a cold season, you might as well dress cold yourself, or imagine yourself to be a rock that is carefully sculpted through (or by the season). Dark colors dominated this collection: light and dark browns, greys, blacks and different shades of blue, also a sign of strength and perseverance through the season. One collection that can really keep up with Versace, for instance, is Ellie Saab. Ellie Saab rocked the stage with black. It wasn’t the only color that the collection came forward with, but it surely did have a strong impact. It was mostly focused on displaying ladies’ chests, but not in an erotic way. It was the perfect example of how you could point that confidence comes from the chest. It’s a little bit weird and fascinating at the same time. It is not exactly related to Christmas because it is super bold, but if you understand it unique characteristic you will also understand why it is also an extraordinary collection. Some voices even consider that it was better than the Versace one, but we’re not the ones who judge. The truth is that they both look fantastic. Lastly, but not the least awesome of them all, is the Armani Prive. To be fair, this is not exactly a winter collection, but more of a hybrid autumn-to-winter one. To make it simple, these are the sorts of clothes you would like to wear somewhere in November. They are very chic, with lots of squares and boldness and specifically focused on gray and black. They were practically made for the women who dominate the street or the café, but there is absolutely nothing wrong if you decide to go to a meeting dressed like this as well. Use these to intimidate your boss. It might get you a promotion (but it’s a slippery slope).



Girl-has-a-nice-shirt As you can see, the collections vary a lot. We practically went from summer, through autumn, into winter and back to autumn again. Different styles, different sensations, different feelings, every collection has a little something to add to the table. It’s only a matter of what you like and what you choose. Winter fashion trends are very powerful this year. Imagine that we only covered the ones that we truly consider to be the best ones, but there are still others out there that might require your attention. Remember that these are couture’s, they might look great, but they are also the highest standards you could strive towards. If you can afford them, go ahead. If not, keep a close eye on the market and more accessible clothing pieces. Needless to say, imitations are going to start pouring starting with October-November, so you have plenty of time to shop for your favorites. Remember: stay informed and try to look for other collections that you might enjoy. The worst thing that can happen is for November to be at your doorstep and you don’t know what clothes to wear. Be prepared.