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Women's Fashion - Best Tips and Advice


We never met a woman who was not interested in women’s fashion. No matter how busy, no matter how immersed into family life or business, women are always interested in fashion. It does not have to be the 100% kind of interest, but women always display interest when it comes to their looks. This is why we would like to approach the subject the subject in a friendly manner today and offer you our best tips and advice related to how you could up your fashion game this summer. Before we move on, we need to mention that women’s fashion, as well as men’s, have one thing in common: working on the attitude. If you will also give read to our Men's Fashion - Best Tips and Advice article, you will see why this is not the easiest part to work on.


However, it is like the gym exercise that you need to keep on practicing if you want a perfect result. It is slow, meticulous and often exhausting, but you will look back one day and you will know that it was entirely worth it. Attitude, the way you work on it, your passions and the way you want to express yourself are the key ingredients you need if you want to get your fashion right. So without further delay, let’s jump into fashion suggestions for this summer.  



It’s All About Being Laid Back

Fashion-girl-with-glassesIn case you haven’t yet noticed, the laid-back style is super popular nowadays. Sweatshirts, sneakers, flat shirts, you can pretty much see them anywhere. It all falls down to comfort. While comfort is commonly perceived as a more in-house thing, but now you are free to feel comfortable wherever you go. Many thanks to pajama dressing and athleisure for the service they have done to the world. Sadly, this style does not exactly work for everyone. Perception does not work the same way for a professional working mother and a 16 year old, so women need to find their own life hacks and sort out what they need to wear so that they feel laid back and comfortable with how they look at the same time. This is where our suggestions kick in and you will be more than pleased to find that we have everything you need. This is a must have: straight-leg or skinny jeans. Perhaps there is no other item in women’s fashion with the same capacity this item has: it literally cannot disappoint you. Super laid-back, they can be adjusted for both informal wears, but with some nice heels and a blouse as well.


Need to go out for a picnic? Switch the heels with flats and you are good to go. Swap the blouse with a T-shirt and some sneakers if you need to meet with a lot of people during the day and you will never even worry about comfort or looks. Really, how much better can you get it? White sneakers were a 2015 thing, but even emerging trends do not seem to hold these comfies back. Throw in an oversized sweater and those blue jeans we’ve been talking about. Now look in the mirror. They look pretty good together, don’t they? Quick, pick up the phone and call your friends. It’s time you took a walk in the park and showed off your simplistic, yet gorgeous looks. Have you ever worn aviator sunglasses? If the answer is yes, you had better keep doing it. If not, it’s about time you started. Did you know that most people around the world agree that aviator sunglasses are most flattering? Well, now you do. They are an excellent finisher, no matter the outfit you are wearing and they are bound to make you feel extremely confident. Just keep your face shape in mind. You will want to decide what sunglasses size you are buying based on that.  


Summer Outfits That You Must Try

Girl-in-red-dress Now that we find ourselves in the hottest period of the year, we can assume that everyone is going to try and dress as comfortably as possible. But that is everyone. We want to keep a higher profile than usual. But what do we wear? Off-the-shoulder tops are an ideal addition to your wardrobe if you want to make a solid statement. Why is it so popular, you might ask? It’s because they are super adjustable. They come in all sorts of ruffled, structured, cropped, loose and fitted styles which you can adjust however you please. The purpose? To flatter you. Every body requires some type of flattering and there is no one else who can know what flatters you most than yourself. If we were to have a top must-haves for summer, the blue jeans that we mentioned earlier and the white dress would be a little difficult to sort between first and second place. White is also very easy to match with anything, but there is just something about this piece that makes it stand out, or maybe it’s just us. Either way, we would advise that you have even more of them added to your look arsenal if you want to impress.


The thing with white dresses is that they sometimes make you look too much like someone who has been invited to a wedding, so make sure that the shoes and the accessories you are wearing bring a little color into your life. There are no restrictions in terms of colors. White has always been very generous in terms of matching. Another interesting summer add-on that you could think about is the stacked heel mule sandal. Sometimes debated on whether this is actually comfortable for summer wear, we can definitely say that they are. But if you are not exactly sure, we can also recommend that you wear them at the beginning and at the end of summer, when nights do occasionally get chilly from time to time. Excellent for formal events, you can pair them with a black jumpsuit to get the sexy look you desire.



And, of Course, Swimsuits

Girl-with-glasses-sits-on-sunbedIt’s summer. How could we not talk about swimsuits? They’re gorgeous, they flatter women a lot and men cannot take their eyes off them. You know how we feel about women’s worldwide domination, right? It doesn’t matter if men rule the world. If they can’t get their eyes off women, the deal is pretty much set. And swimsuits are our excellent partners in crime. But there are tips and tricks as to how to wear them as well. It’s all about what part of your body you would like to pride yourself with. A good example of an all-round super flattering swimsuit is the Miraclesuit from Nordstrom. Draping and rouching are tow essential components that flatter no matter what. And the Miraclesuit is the perfect example. This is perhaps the easiest piece you want to look for. You simply look good in it. Ok, now about the legs. What do you do if you have beautiful legs and you want to display them? Vertical stripes. Oh, and make them solid.


The funniest thing about straight stripes in swimsuits is that they make men wild. And they have no idea why! Well, unless they read this, of course. But if you are reading this now, make sure your gentleman is not reading with you. Keep the secret! But what if you want to pride yourself with your, ahem, front side? Push-up swimsuits are the best for this situation. Not only do you make an entrance at the pool with this spectacular cleavage, but you can also do a little ab showoff. Just try it. You’ll see what we are talking about. You can also attempt a curvy outfit. This will help you expose your beautiful round shapes perfectly. All you need is a high waist and a few strategic cutouts. What is also cool is that you can also choose to show off your back with these kinds of suits. They are for the more adventurous women who want to take on the beach. And you want to hear the greatest news about it? If you decide to bathe in the sun top-down you will barely get any tan lines. That should be enough to get you all excited about these swimsuits, right?


Girl-walks-on-sand Alright, let’s go through our usual run-down so that you know everything about our fashion this summer. First things first, remember that the laid-back style is still super cool. Use jeans, sneakers aviator sunglasses to your advantage. In terms of easy-to-wear outfits try off-the-shoulder tops, white dresses with colorful accessories and the stacked heel mule sandal might end up being one of your best friends as well. As for swimsuits, it’s totally up to you in terms of what you want to display. Whether you want to go for an easy, all-flattering swimsuit pick or you want to expose your legs, your back, curves, or overall body, you need not worry about limitations. The world is all yours to explore. Oh, and the confidence. Do not forget to work on your confidence. You strip fashion of most of its beauty if you do not add confidence to the table.