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Womens Shops for the Summer


Summertime is here and it demands that we change our wardrobe to something more colorful and light. This means that we have to start looking for womens shops that we can both trust and that can offer us what we are looking for. This can be quite challenging sometimes; not because it’s difficult to go to a local shop or to google some good online shops, but because we naturally want something new. We want to meet new faces who can give us the advice that we require, we need to try on something new that we haven’t given a try before and we obviously want quality materials that can make it through the summer, even remain wearable for next year! It all comes down to establishing your priorities. Are you shopping for specific types of clothing?  Would you like to hang around a more formal or informal environment? Are you shopping on a budget? These are the sorts of questions that you need to ask yourself before picking the best shops around. And since we have already thought about them, we thought it best if we could share some insight with you so that you have it all easy (at least for the trust part). is one of the first stops you should make, especially if you are interested in making online purchases from the comfort of your home. It is a great for three simple reasons: you can find casual summer wear here, some exceptional swimsuits and they are all available for accessible prices. Just like with any online shop, you order whatever need, whatever size you need and if something does not fit you can always send it back and you will receive the size that best fits you within a matter of a few days at max. Customization on is above flawless. Not only is it simple, but you can actually see that you have a ton of things you can choose from: dresses, tops, playsuits, skirts, jackets, leggings, shorts, lingerie and plenty of other items are always at your disposal and only one click away from purchasing. And because we talked about purchasing, it is literally impossible to avoid pricing. We are going to pair pricing with some of the sexiest pieces in the shop so that you get a good idea about what kind of items you can get your hands on and for how great a convenience! Some great examples are the Cally Spaghetti Strap Super Crop Top, the Moscow Fringed Cut Out Swimsuit and the Jasmine Woven Wide Sleeve Tunic.


The Cally Spaghetti Strap, for instance, is a £4 addition to your wardrobe, red of color, that will gorgeously accentuate your shoulders (it’s also useful because off-the-shoulder is very popular nowadays, so it fits, but it’s a little more comfortable) make you seem very radiant and it also flatters you tenfold if you have a warm color tone. You get beauty, a popular style and comfort packed up for only £4? Count us in! The Moscow Fringed Cut Out Swimsuit is the sort of swimwear that puts your breasts and your hips in a great light. Focusing on your round shapes, this £20 addition is the perfect swimsuit if you want to dress to impress at your local pool party. It is surely going to catch al the guys’ attention. Finally, the Jasmine Woven Wide Sleeve Tunic is what you would wear if you want to “put your glamour on display”. Orange is a wonderful color that flatters most skin tones, the material is soft and soothing and it makes you look very graceful. For only £14 this seems like a very stylish and worth investment. Needless to say, there are plenty of other clothes you can choose from, but if you have been following us for a while now you probably know that we are not the type who spoil all the fun.

Girl-with-gold-bracelet-is-smiling For plenty of us ladies Asos is the first of the womens shops you want to go to when in doubt. The only disadvantage that we can identify about Asos is that items can get a little bit expensive, up in between £60 and £100. Nonetheless, these are good investments considering the higher quality materials that are being used, the fact that you have some spectacular dresses that are bound to get you anywhere you want this summer and that it is almost certain that you are going to wear them for at least one more summer. In terms of customization, we can definitely say that Asos is a womens shop that really knows what it’s doing. Ok, fine, it’s not Asos, it’s the people who are building Asos and maintaining it on a regular basis (yes, it’s important to recognize that it’s always about the people, not the site). Compared to, Asos provides a wider range of customizable features that can get you closer to your desired summer wear. You can “shop by fit” and choose if you would like your dress to be drawn directly out of the main collection, if you want it petite, plus & curve or tall; you can choose the style of your clothes, the size, the length and you can also choose from a large number of brands including Abercrombie & Fitch, Denim, G-Star and House of Holland. If your impression is becoming more and more positive, then allow us to finish with some of the greatest summer dresses that Asos can provide you with: the ASOS Placed Floral Print T-Shirt Dress, the ASOS Floral Printed Mesh Skirt Midi Dress and the ASOS Wrap Front Frill Maxi Beach Dress. We simply recommend that you look up the dress and the skirt because of two reasons: the first is that it would be a blasphemy to even attempt to describe them. They way they are designed, the colors that were used and the way in which they flatter your body is simply astonishing. You must see them. As for the ASOS Wrap Front Frill Maxi Beach Dress, well, this sexy piece has comfort written all over it, let alone that it comes in a bright red color which boosts your sex-appeal to the max.  



Additional Shops and Ideas

Girl-has-curly-hairIf or Asos do not suite your needs then you do not need to worry. The world of summer clothing shops did not begin and will most certainly not end with these two. There are a ton of other shops that you can choose from. In order to have a broader perspective it is best that you are acquainted with a few shops so that you at least have a wider area that you can research. Some of these shops you might already be accustomed with while others will be your first encounter. House of Fraser is one of the best, most formal and careful shops that you can acquaint yourself with. If you have read our previous guides then you already know that House of Fraser has almost two centuries worth of experience backing it up. This is also a must-go to shop that everyone should be familiar with. Of A Kind is an exclusive shop that focuses on delivering the newest and trendiest pieces on the market. It is all about exclusive collections, so if you want to invest in some clothes that are going to last you for two years or more, go for it. Net-a-Porter/The Outnet. This combination has only one word written all over it: style. If you want to combine two summer pieces and get the best look in the world then you simply have to trust this one. Zara. You expected this one, didn’t you? Who set foot into a Zara shop just once and did not fall in love? Although it can sometimes be difficult to shop in Zara, people keep coming back. This is a pure statement about how trustworthy and chick this shop is. Check it out if you want to find out this summer’s coolest trends. Carbon38. This is not exactly summer wear, but more like workout wear, perfect if you want to stay in shape during summer. We all want that, don’t we? Well, if you want to stay in shape and look sexy while doing it then Carbon38 is the place where you want to go and buy your things.



Cute-girl-is-wearing-sunglasses Now that you have a broader perspective, it’s time to make your pick. Each and every one of these shops is likely to fulfill at least one specific need and, to be fair, it is almost impossible for you not to find at least one thing that you like or one shop that speaks your language. Take your time if you want to research them. It’s actually what we would recommend that you do in the first place. Your first contact with any womens shops is the most important one and it will give you a clear idea of whether it can offer you what you desire or not. On top of that, you can also highlight what you like and what you dislike about shops and you will know how to better identify them in the future.