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Wrong Ways to Mix Accessories and Fashion


This is by far one of the most complex subjects of all time, especially because we are talking about accessories and fashion. In order for us to properly identify what is “wrong” with this subject, it is imperative that we understand the concept of fashion, how it is socially perceived and how individuals think about it in their day to day lives. It is not at all an easy task, but at the end of our guide you will have a clear idea as to why fashion and accessories are mixed in the wrong ways.  



So What Is Fashion?

Girl-with-blonde-hair-has-a-beautiful-smileThe reason why we must understand what fashion is is because of the fact that people do not have a clear idea of what it really is. The fact that a woman is wearing some pair of shoes can be fashion for some. For others it’s all about the fact that men’s shoes and belts have the same color and for plenty of people fashion means that a group of beautiful girls gets to do a catwalk from time to time and how off how beautiful they are. If you take the time to look closely at all these “definitions”, you will soon come to realize that they are, in fact, only parts of the fashion world that everyone can witness at a very superficial level. Fashion is, by far, a more complex process than “a simple catwalk” or the mixture of two different colors. Fashion is both a social construct and a philosophy. Fashion is a practice. It is not only limited to clothes and some accessories, but to footwear, makeup, body and even furniture. Fashion takes all the aspects of look into consideration. Every little detail is being carefully studied: the color of your skin, the color of your eyes, your hair (color and the way you can arrange it), your body shape, what you wear, what you believe and how you move. Above everything else, fashion is not only about what you can see, but about what you cannot see as well. Beauty in itself is a very abstract term. Fashion always has to ask some very difficult questions: is one fascinated about the way in which a certain person looks, the way in which a certain person moves or what a certain person hides? As you can see, there is nothing easy about this. It actually requires a lot of energy and passion, two very distinct variables that can make or break anyone not strong enough to enter the industry.  



How Do People End Up With the Wrong Mixture?

Woman-has-a-dark-blue-dress This requires that we look at the bigger picture. Fashion is part of our lives no matter where we go and whether we welcome it our lives or not. Naturally, there comes a moment in everyone’s life when they realize that ignoring fashion is not exactly a good thing, so they start informing themselves. Shyness kicks in. You’re obviously not going to talk to the best dressed person in the room because “oh my good, look at the way she dresses, she will never talk to me”, you are not going to talk to the worst dressed person in the room because, you know, it’s logical not to, so you will take to the internet. And the internet is going to start teaching you about fashion and accessories, what to wear, what to avoid, what rules you should consider and how to avoid looking silly. Then a good question hits you: how do you know who to trust? The internet is filled with opinions and once they pile up it’s quite difficult for you to go back. This is why people end up mixing accessories and fashion in the first place: there is too much contradictory information and nobody can properly discern it. This is pretty much the time to talk to that well-dressed person that you avoided in the first place. What we are about to tell you now is something that you should remember for the rest of your life: the most devastating mistake that you can make in fashion is to think that you’ve got it all figured out. The titans in this industry are also aware of the fact that you cannot figure it out completely. It is all a matter of trial and error, attempting all types of mixtures, trends and ideas that might stick or not. Everything is right and wrong at the same time when it comes to fashion. A woman cannot wear a maxi dress simply because she does not have the required height, but at the same time she could wear high heels or a band around her waist and she can look perfect. You should never combine gold and silver jewelry because they do not look good together, yet you meet ladies from time to time who combine a golden bracelet with a silver watch and another gold bracelet and they nailed the best looking hand in the room. Fashion is relative and this is its paradox: it’s both frustrating and fascinating at the same time. Some take delight in the fascination and choose to push fashion forward while others give in to the frustration and step back. The result is always the same: fashion will move forward, whether people choose to back out or not. As we mentioned earlier, it is wherever we go, whenever we go and it is irrelevant if you choose to take it into consideration or not. It still is.  



Examples of “Wrong” Mixtures and How They Can Be Turned Right

Woman-is-using-the-lipstickIn theory, all of the following styles and beliefs are terribly wrong, as in “oh my god, you say you’re into fashion and you’re wearing that!” wrong. But this is the part where we apply everything that we learned and we repeat it to ourselves: we know we haven’t got it all figured out. It is often said that wearing a blue/black combination is devastating. Indeed, it does look bad from time to time, yet there comes a time when we have to admit that it’s not entirely correct. Let’s think about it: you have black, a universal non-color that literally works with anything, and then you have blue, which is perhaps the most flattering color of all. They present two criteria which, on paper, sound ideal. The only issue is to get them to work in the right way. And believe us, a blue suit with a black tie will always work. Another myth is the silver/gold one which we talked about previously. Experience has taught us that gold and silver do not work well together. It is a given and it is really hard to break. But if you really want to, you have a ton of variables to play with if you want to land the perfect combination. It’s all about the skin tone and the season. Warmer skin tones practically demand more gold while brighter skin tones tend to work a little bit better with silver. Then there is the season: gold is practically made for summer and autumn. The bright sun and the fallen yellow leaves are begging for a good combination of golden accessories. You might think that silver does not fit well in a combination like this one, but if you slip a little silver bracelet between your golden ones you are only going to create a brighter and more interesting view. Silver is more of a spring accessory, although it could get tricky here as well. It’s all about the lighting: if you will ever take the time to notice, the summer, autumn and spring skies look very differently. You can even feel it in the air. The sky is clearer during spring and silver feels like the right accessory for it. Other myths include the black/brown wrong mixture (which can easily be broken with black pants and a brown purse, for instance), mixing prints and patters (for some this is a big no-no, but the truth is that you can mix any patterns with prints these days) and the fact that you cannot wear socks with sandals (oh, really? Try light purple socks with crème sandals. You’ll thank us for it.)


Girl-with-black-hair-wears-a-necklace You see, we can take every rule that has been set in stone by fashion and we can toy with it however we want. Why? Because fashion allows us to do whatever we want. If it’s wrong it also has to be right. There is no logic behind it, it’s just trial and error sprinkled with confidence. If you want to leave with the best information possible, keep in mind what we told you: you cannot completely figure it out. Nobody has. The fact that people are confident with what they wear is a totally different subject, but the fact that people adopt wrong ways to mix accessories and fashion is s totally random fact. It can be wrong, but it can also be right. How can we tell? Because people have broken rules before and everything went as planned.