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Wrong Ways to Wear Charm Jewellery


Charm jewellery implies plenty of great accessories that you can use in both casual and formal situations. They can easily make you stand out from the crowd, they are a great alternative for anyone who does not necessarily want to wear statement pieces and they give you the right amount of confidence you need so that you feel both great and beautiful. But charm jewelry also comes with its own set of mistakes. You might be here specifically because you are new to the subject and you want to find out how to keep things in check. And that’s exactly what we are going to give you.  



The Little Details

Silver-diamond-ringIn order to keep things super simple, we are going to advance through statement jewelry and give you the appropriate advice on how you should wear them while also pointing out what might be wrong with wearing it. We are following this approach because of a simple psychological reason: if we should make the entire piece about how not to wear charms, you will have read an entire guide on how nots and you might risk making the exact mistakes that we suggest you not do. Knowing exactly what you should do will be more beneficial for you because you will be able to compare and separate the wheat from the chaff. Charm jewellery, bracelets in particular, did not pride themselves with the best quality until Pandora, the well renowned European jewelry maker, found a way to bring them back from what seemed was their unfortunate demise. Charm jewelry is not only known for exuding a very passionate feeling, but it is also customizable in many ways and comes in various designs. And this is where things become interesting: while the variety often gives the impression that you can choose any bracelet, necklace or any piece because they have a wide number of themes encompassed within one accessory.


But the truth is that, if you want to wear charm jewelry the right way, it is quite ideal that you follow one specific charm theme. You can either pick a sea-side theme or anything that represents you, there is nothing wrong with that, but attempt to train your eye and look for one theme only, not plenty into one. You may ask yourself why this is considered to be the right approach. It is quite simple: it is because different charm styles can come with different colors. While this is excellent for some people because it can express their inner creativity, or even their inner chaos, more colors make the jewel difficult to match with one’s outfit. Supposing that your charm jewel’s theme is love, you are probably going to have red with a shade of orange. That works perfect with a tee or any other accessory that has a relatively similar color, but what do you do when your charm jewel contains green, red, blue, a shade of orange and purple? The colors might look good on you, the design can be nice, but when it comes to matching everything to your outfit it can be really difficult, right?



How to Wear Charm Jewelry

gold-bracelet-with-diamonds Here are some ways in which you can wear charm jewelry while also ensuring that you got everything right. Cluster charms, ideal for long necklaces, as long as you can have a maximum of two colors in your cluster you can go with a chain that matches one of those colors. A good example is a gray and black cluster with a silver chain. Always make sure that colors match. It is very wrong to match the previously mentioned cluster with a golden chain, for instance. And always ensure that the chain is long. Clusters look bad with small chains. If you love small chains, however, multi-layer necklaces might be exactly what you are looking for. Two or three chains with a charm attached on each of them will make a perfect addition to your look. As previously mentioned, ensure that the chain and charm colors match. You do not need to get all picking about them. Gold and a brighter shade of yellow will do just fine, but matching a silver charm with the golden necklace or vice versa is terribly wrong. The medallion charm could be something that you could be interested in if you like large necklaces with a lot of pearls and plenty decorations.


Pendant charms need to be placed at the middle of the chain in order to create a full and diverse image. As usual, colors must match and, of course, you must not wear too many other accessories should you aim for this style. While you could match these with some pearl bracelets, it must not be difficult for the eye to make the transition from one jewel to another. The mirror is your best friend in this situation. Use it wisely. A necklace that somewhat resembles the above mentioned style is the station charm. Most often used on very long necklaces, charms are placed at various intervals all around the chain. What you need to remember here is that the charms’ sizes need to be proportional with the chains’ size. In short, it is simply wring to add large charms to a 16 inch necklace. Large charms would work well on an opera necklace, however. But even then you need to adjust your outfit accordingly. Now let’s take a look at bracelets. The vintage style is one of the most famous styles in terms of lockets and bracelets. What is most important about this style, when it comes to charm jewellery, is that it allows you to carry a huge variety of objects attached to your bracelet. Remember that the objects that you are wearing are more important than the chain in this situation. Add anything you want: a mini locket, some little piece of jewelry you had as a child, a tiny gadget, anything. Do not resort to this style you have 2 or 3 objects, however. Wearing a modest chain with few objects might not end up well.



Fashion-silver-braceletIf you want to go with at least one piece, on the other hand, the bangle charm is always there for you. One charm or more can always be paired with a magical cluster of bangles for a great final touch. Watch out as these can quickly make the transition to statement pieces. Keeping it all simple around them is the way to go. And the final suggestion for bracelets is the bead charm. Simple, elegant, with only one charm required, these beauties will work fabulously with a pearl necklace or drop earrings. A mistake that often occurs is that people add many metals to this combination. Don’t. The most simplistic way for you to make a good impression is wearing a lot of white. However, lively colors and outfits will work perfectly with bead charms if you wear an extra necklace. But everything does not stop at necklaces and bracelets. Charm jewelry also implies the use of rings, earrings and even rings. Some of the most known styles when it comes to earrings are the cluster hoop and the medallion hoop. They are practically the same, only that the former often uses larger rings with attached charms while the latter uses medium-sized rings with medallions added to the combination. Always match whatever you are wearing (medallions with other medallions and charms with charms) and never combine them. You do not want that kind of attention. Did you know that the cluster charm is also available for bracelets? It gives a rather “clean but messy” aspect and it is perhaps one of the very few situations in which one can easily combine silver with gold and make a clean exit. Cluster on bracelets should under no circumstances wear one color or more than three. Simplicity is perfect. Now let’s take a look back and see what we have learnt.  



The Wrap Up

Elegant-gold-ring-with-diamonds Charm jewelry was not always a top priority for everyone. With the help of Pandora, however, it was able to make a comeback and situate itself amongst some of the most desired jewelry trends. Charm jewelry is known for two very important features in particular: exuding passionate feelings and being customizable, thus giving its wearers a large variety of options. If necklaces are your thing be sure to check cluster, multi-layer, station and medallion styles. They find themselves amongst the most popular choices and suit plenty of styles very well. Just be sure that you look after the colors that you are matching and that you stay within optimal charm and chain sizes. These are practically the only ways in which one can mismatch these styles. The rest is all about how confident they make you feel and their ability to catch the viewers’ eyes. As for bracelets, vintage, bangle and beans are the greatest choices you can make. It all depends on whether you want things to look complicated and cool or simple and elegant. In the end, the wrong way to wear charm jewelry is to wear something that you do not like.