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Your Favourite Jewellery Online Store | MESELondon Jewellery online

So you are looking for your favourite jewellery online store. That’s great news. But the part that is more complicated is choosing this store, isn’t it? It is especially tricky if it is your favorite one.

The truth is that telling you what your favorite jewellery online shop should be is downright wrong.

The only person who can establish this truth is you yourself. The most important thing that you should be aware of is that you have options. We are all very aware that there are a few exquisite jewelry shops out there that everyone loves. Harper’s BAZAAR, Tiffany & Co. and House of Fraser are only some of the shops that come to mind when it comes to buying good jewels. But the truth is that the universe does not end with these shops. There are plenty of great shops that slip past the collective mentality and we believe that shedding some light upon them might aid you in establishing your actual favorite jewellery online store. Also, it is wise to bear in mind that there are plenty of variables that your brain processes when it comes to settling down: jewel variety, the styles, site interface and so on. So do not worry yourself too much about the actual choice. You will know when you found the shop you were looking for. Now, without further delay, let us dive into this fascinating and diverse world of jewellery online shops.

Super High Quality Shops

Woman-searches-on-googleAll of these shops are based in the United States and you would be surprised to see the variety of jewels they provide. Names like Alexis Bittar, Luv AJ, ShopBop and Net-a-Porter are not something that you should not be familiar with. Alexis Bittar, for instance, is a luxurious jewelry shop which boasts with some really good features. The site’s interface is really welcoming and inspiring, the jewel variation is outstanding, when you think about the shop you are pretty much relating it to luxurious and above and you can also find some of the most cost-efficient items on the market. You can find anything: bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, charms and pins, all of them coming in different styles which you can verify on the site.

This jewellery online shop is also very welcoming to anyone who is not initiated in the art of jewelry, whether they want to get inspiration or are naturally interested in these exquisite pieces.

It is also a great gifting shop from which you can buy gift cards of your choosing. Some of the most fascinating pieces that we can recommend from this shop are the Faceted Rock Crystal Mesh Bib Necklace and the Limited Edition Encrusted Clear Crystal Locket. They are both purchasable for approximately $600 and $300 respectively and the quality-price ratio is exceptional.

Needless to say, there are plenty of other jewels to choose from, but we are interested in providing you with options, not spoiling all the fun. Delight in Alexis Bittar’s shop as you please. When it comes to Luv AJ (although it this can be a little subjective), we have to admit that you might be fascinated about the Press and Lookbook sections. Suffice it to say that Luv AJ know how to promote themselves well, both when it comes to spotting celebrities who wear the jewels, but also providing a realistic and beautiful Lookbook where you can see how jewels look. Compared to the former shop, Luv AJ prides itself with a larger variety of goods. Interestingly enough, chokers are not added within the necklace section, mostly because their designs are very chick and interesting to begin with. You can also view collections, fine jewelry, you can also look for some great belts if needed. All in all, Luv AJ might find itself amongst the ideal jewellery online shops that everyone looks up to. We also need to mention that this might be exactly the shop you are looking for should you be interested in minimalistic designs. Luv is all about keeping things simple and elegant. If you do not trust us on this one, feel free to check the fine jewelry (at least). You will not be disappointed.

Girl-is-working-on-laptop ShopBop is the perfect place if you want super stylish jewels and accessories for affordable prices. All the items are also categorized based on super-accurate descriptions. If you want tech accessories or pool party glasses you are only one click away from buying everything you need. You will also see that there is a very summerish vibe about it once you enter and, from our experience, this is a great feature that allows visitors to get attached to sites. Oh, and do look on the top of the interface and click on women’s shop or men’s shop. Sometimes this online beauty gets mistaken for a women’s shop only. You need to pay close attention to the pieces that you choose because some of the most exquisite jewels can sometimes jump to $1000 in no time. We can assure that they are quite worth it, but your budget is definitely something that you should keep in mind. Net-a-Porter is the sort of shop that appeals to the researcher within.

The menu on the left side of the screen literally covers all variables that you would be interested in. From what type of jewelry to color and size, Net-a-Porter is one of the few shops in the world that can really get you what you need. Price variety is also huge. You can find some really beautiful rings for $300 while you can also opt for $3000 pieces. You can also choose any designer you want. It would also be fair to claim that Net-a-Porter is the definition of freedom in terms of jewellery online shops. But keep an open mind, there might always be a shop out there which can up its standards and come forward with more variables to choose from. Some of the beauties that really stand out amongst all collections are the STEPHEN WEBSTER Magnipheasant 18-karat white gold diamond earrings, the DELFINA DELETTREZ 9-karat gold topaz phalanx ring and the DELFINA DELETTREZ 18-karat gold, pearl and topaz finger bracelet. As usual, these are just some of the finer pieces. We will let you spoil yourself accordingly.

Other Shops That You Must Check Out

Woman-is-studyingLeaving some of the big names aside, there are some shops out there which you might have never heard of. Sometimes it even comes as a surprise to us that really cool, inexpensive shops slip by everyone without even being noticed. This is why we also compiled a short list of shops that rarely get the attention they need and that we feel you would most definitely enjoy. is one of these sites. You can pretty much order any kind of design you want for every jewel and you will also be surprised to see that you can buy plenty of them with a 20% discount. The site also generates a good atmosphere and comes with well-written guides on types of jewelry you can buy for different occasions. All of these make a great asset. Allurez is seriously one of the best shops out there, but if you will try a little social experiment and go ask 20 people if they have heard about it, the answer is most likely going to be a no. Really, stop reading this for one moment, go check the site and then come back. Or wait, we just gave you a green light for leaving us behind… Come back! Ok, jokes aside, this online shop is a blast for two particular reasons: super jewels and super coloring. Look at every picture on that site and tell someone in the face that they are not good enough. You can’t. It is so appealing and the jewel quality it offers is so good that you simply cannot say no. eBay, Zales, Overstock, Anjolee, these are only some of the other shops that you might want to check out before making your final decision.

So What Will You Pick?

Woman-has-a-mac-laptop As we mentioned in the beginning, these are only some of the world’s favorite online jewelry stores. But your decisions and your style should under no circumstances be influenced by the world’s opinions. Take these shops as guidelines, make them your friends and decide wisely. If you are going to make this decision, be it consciously or not, you are going to start purchasing jewels from there no matter what. Invest your money in the right way. Should you like to adopt a purely luxurious style Alexis Bittar, Luv AJ, ShopBop and Net-a-Porter are some of the shops that you should keep an eye on. With great designs, a variety of high-quality jewels and appealing designs that will make you return a thousand times, these online jewelry shops will always keep you on your toes. But should you prefer to gaze upon some names that are not heard of too often, we recommend Allurez and Remember: nobody can tell you what your favorite online jewellery shop should be. It’s all in your power.